Zak Perry Annual Marine Toys for Tots Events


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Zak Perry for allowing me to be part of this Annual Event & to the Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe for allowing us to hold the event at their legendary listening venue once again this year. Also, I’m much obliged to each of the awesome Singers, Songwriters & performers: Zak Perry, Jason Charron, Scott Ray (Stingray), Vern Vennard, Rex Bell, Janet Bell, Marina Rocks, Kevin Anthony, Amber Anthony, Dwight Wolf, Lee Brooks, Catherine Stroud, Tex Renner, J Scott Rivera, Patrick Mikulin, Jeremy W. Warren & his 7 year old son, Rider Warren who sang his song about his new sister while waiting on her birth. This was Rider’s first time to perform on stage. His performance was with his father, Texas Singer Songwriter Jeremy Warren & Texas Singer Songwriter Zak Perry.

Marina Rocks
Kevin Anthony
Zak Perry
Patrick Mikulin
Lee Brooks
Wrecks Bell
Janet Bell
Catherine Stroud
Tex Renner
J. Scott Rivera
The Zak Perry Band ~ Zak Perry ~ Jason Charron ~ Scott Ray ~ Vern Vennard




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