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“A Veteran entertainer, musician, soloist, band leader, song writer, teacher and business woman. Dawn Maracle is versatile in her vocals, generes and her instruments. Amazing to watch and a pleasure to listen to.”
“A Texas Treasure”

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The extremely dynamic performer, Dawn Maracle, visually and musically captures her audiences, both young and old. True to her passion as a professional entertainer, she is an accomplished National award-winning singer and songwriter. Dawn’s high-energy and wide vocal range, coupled with her original songwriting (played either solo acoustic, in a band on her electric lead guitar, or on her bass ), make for a winning combination. Dawn’s original music consists of intertwining classic rock/blues/country/pop/jazz into her own unique style of neo classic rock, affectionately known as “Dawn Maracle Music”. Dawn’s voice has been likened to such greats as Janis Joplin, Patsy Cline and Grace Slick. Whether playing lead guitar, bass or drums Dawn shows true ownership of her instrument.


Born Dawn Irene Michaud on June 1st, 1955. Dawn began at the very young age of two playing piano, singing, dancing and reciting poetry. By age four she was playing Hawaiian slide guitar. She continued playing classical piano music until late into her twenties. At age nine Dawn took up violin lessons in school and was 2nd violin in the orchestra. While in Jr. High School Dawn was active in both Chorus and girls swing Choir. By the age of fourteen Dawn was also playing drums, pump organ, guitar and making sound recordings on a 4 track stereo reel to reel. Dawn’s love of music plainly went beyond performance as anyone who has ever met her would say. Dawn’s love of music it total and is what her entire essence is about. Every aspect imaginable of music and the entertainment business.

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Her professional career started in 1974 with her on bass and lead vocals in her first band “75RPM ” playing oldies and country music. Her band had grown to become a very successful and popular band in Upstate New York in the mid to late 70’s. Dawn also began her solo act in 1976 and became the highest paid female soloist on the Hotel circuit at that time. Dawn continued to perform in Canada,Southern California, Alaska, and Japan. Dawn’s performances included opening for the Coasters,T. Graham Brown, the Alaska State Fair, and special guest appearances on both radio and television. Dawn also won the title of National Female Vocalist of the Year in 1989 and 1990 awarded by the Country Music Associations of America (CCMA). Also during her tenure with the CCMA she was nominated for entertainer, guitarist, band, drummer, bassist, violinist, keyboard player, and song of the year. Winning Band and song of the year for the State of California in 1989, 1990 and 1991. Dawn has also contributed to and initiated many charity events giving her time and talents both on stage and off.

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In April 1998 Dawn came to Austin Texas and felt right at home with similar scenery to her beloved upstate New York and her second favorite place for weather, California’s Inland Empire. Falling in love with Austin, Dawn bought her homestead and has called Texas her home ever since. Dawn now performs in Texas and Upstate, New York venues. She continues to write, record, perform and teach.

Dawn has written more than 100 songs since she began writing at the age of twelve. Twenty-eight of Dawn’s songs have been recorded, twenty-four of which have been released. Since 2002, Dawn has released three CD’s and a Christmas single. In the fall of 2011 Dawn signed a CD marketing and distribution contract with the Tate Music Group, publishing and record label out of Oklahoma. Her newest CD was released in the summer of 2013.

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