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Hello my music loving family & friends…

Have you ever walked through a room of LiVe MusIC, stopped in your tracks, suddenly intrigued, consciously listening as you turn towards the force of the music to see who belongs to the powerful and spellbinding sound on stage?
I have… Matt Mejia was the Texas Singer Songwriter shining in the spotlight…
I couldn’t escape from his mesmerizing voice.
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Come See My Dead Person, an eclectic blend of multi-cultural music unbound by any one genre. Fusing a multitude of styles from folk, rock, bluegrass, gypsy, and jazz, to polka, punk, country, latin, & soul, CSMDP provides a little something for everyone and a whole lot in between.
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The sound is a mix of pretty much every single genre that has a set of nuts. Country, blues, jazz, klezmer, zydeco, psychobilly, rock, even a few little moments of Rasputina-esque goth, rock and ragtime weave themselves in and out of the 14-song funeral procession. No, not a funeral procession. That’s inaccurate. It’s more like a wake, a proper Irish one where there’s plenty of joking, good stories, as well as maudlin moments of mourning and probably even a good dive across the coffin.
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Matt Mejia News Flash ~ April 2014
la montana que come hombres
This is my first solo album. It was recorded in the historic First Moody Bank in Galveston, Texas by Ice Water productions.

It has taken a long time and feels real good to be done. Now the task at hand is reproduction. If you know for sure you want a copy and are willing to pre buy a cd or are willing to donate please inbox me and we will figure out how to exchange the money and get the cd to you. The cd will be limited run and will include a making of dvd as well as being signed by me and everyone involved in the making. If you donate we are buddies for life and can get matching tattoos. I will also play a private show for you and those who you invite. Thank you all in advance for even reading this. I have been working for this moment for 15 years and i can not thank you enough for helping me hold my dreams down and beat the shit out of them. Also vinyl is coming.

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