Pitt Garrett_December 2015

He said “I can’t sing, I told you that”
” well “…

“Dreams are what we live for…”
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Pitt grew up in Austin, Texas. After meeting his wife Vickie, they moved to Houston where he began his career in insurance.
About three years ago he was encouraged by Boomer Castleman to continue songwriting. Boomer was a long time studio musician who played on Sun records and backed Johnny Cash, Kenny Rogers, Tammy Wynette and a host of others. Pitt wrote several songs and his first Demo was completed by Leeann Atherton and Rich Brotherton.
He became upset when he found out that none of the major publishers accepted outside material. Upon research, Pitt discovered the closed status of the current music market. He started thinking about all the young kids around him writing beautiful songs with no place to reach a large market.

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After 40 years in insurance, he semi-retired from his insurance agency, went to KNVA, the Austin CW affiliate, and contracted for one year to put on a new show called Songwriters Across Texas. The show got a boost when James White, the owner of the Broken Spoke, agreed to let him shoot the show at his dancehall and also provided some name guests to give the show further credibility. James Hand, Dale Watson, Rick Trevino, and Cornell Hurd among others. Pitt credits the success of the show on the quality of the music, his great staff, and his wife Vickie.

The show is finishing it’s 3rd year, produced over 150 Episodes, aired over 200 artists and now reaches 25,000 live viewers each week. The Show also reaches 46 countries thru Vimeo.
Pitt has been asked to provide the music and/or film for broadcast The French Legation Anniversary, Poodies Birthday Party, the City of Pflugerville summer concerts, and the 2015 City of Pflugerville Pfestival of Lights.

Pitt’s song “What Will They Say” was aired on the show at the request of the crew. Ironic in two ways, Boomer Castleman performs the song and sadly, Boomer passed away three months ago. Boomers dialogue about his career is at the end of the performance.

What will they Say" Boomer Castleman

Another of Pitt’s Songs “Dreams” is featured on Songwriters Across Texas

“I knew where I wanted to go with the show…the path,” said Pitt. “I had no idea there would be so many roses along the way. We’ve had struggles as in any new business, but getting to know the artists, feeling their genuine appreciation, watching them grow professionally and having many become dear friends is not something I expected.” ~ Pitt Garrett


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