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…even though time has slipped on by, you’re still there in my mind… -Zak Perry

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Zak Perry

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Zak Perry Beautiful Things European Tour2017 ~ March 23 ~ April 10

Zak Perry

♫.•* ̈*•★ Zak Perry Beautiful Things European Tour2017 ★.•* ̈*•♫

Search Turned Serendipity
by Glenda Taylor
I traveled to Galveston, TX Spring of 2012 in search of Zak Perry’s music to help soothe my soul. It took me months to run across him inadvertently. I had heard that he was playing his music around Galveston. Each time I went to a place he might be playing they said that he had played last night or he plays here or there, next week.

One night, I was walking along 20th street from the Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe. As I turned the corner onto Post Office Street I passed the Melrose Pub and heard the music I had searched for the past six months. It sounded like Zak Perry. I stepped inside the open door and there he was smokin’ that guitar and singing his songs with the same soulful passion I remembered from years past. Only this time he was on stage playing and singing alone. I had never seen him play solo and was so impressed that he was just as awesome as when I had seen him with his full band. Needless to say, I didn’t leave until after his show. If you have ever seen him LIVE you know the show never ends on time.

I hope you have opportunity to see him live the next time you visit this lovely island on the Gulf of Mexico saturated with wonderful music to soothe the soul. Thank you Zak Perry for your beautiful songs and music.

        …well I found a dream this morning, in the corner of my mind… -Zak Perry

Check out my Events page, Across the Stage on Facebook, Zak Perry on Reverbnation or Facebook, or his website linked below the picture at the top of this page for upcoming shows. He just might be playing in your neck of the woods.
The Zak Perry Band on Reverbnation
Zak Perry was on the CW Austin “Songwriters Across Texas” Show with Vern Vennard on Sunday April 28, 2013.

Thank you Songwriters Across Texas
I had a great time doing this video with top of the line musicians and a bunch of great people!!!
-Zak Perry

Zak Perry Band Heavy Electric Southern Soul

A Bit of Zak Perry History
by Vellmore Zeelodus
His school had a class in it and it seemed like a cool thing to do. While this may not seem like a typically momentous rock and roll occasion, it was all young Zak Perry needed to start playing the guitar. Within days, Zak had already written his first song called, “Jesus is Calling.” It was apparently good enough that his parents didn’t believe he wrote it and sent him to his room for lying. They came around pretty quickly, however, and soon became his biggest fans.
One thing that made Zak different from other young guitar players was his disinterest in flashy pyrotechnics. Although he had no trouble mastering the tricky leads of popular Led Zeppelin solos, blistering country finger picking rags, or even highly technical classical passages of Yes, Zak stuck to honing the skill he discovered he had… songwriting. “I just gravitated to doing what nobody else around me at the time was doing… writing songs.”
Zak soon formed the requisite garage band and began to take writing and playing more seriously. It was right around this time, that he fell, as subtly as he had with playing, into becoming a lead singer. “We couldn’t find a singer,” he remembers, “so I figured I might as well just do it myself.” Despite, or maybe because of this unceremonious vocal beginning, Zak has managed to craft his voice into what is certainly one of the most powerful, emotive, genuinely bluesy voices in rock and roll today.
Once again, Zak has decided to “do it himself” and is already working on another CD, “Broken Glass Parade”, his upcoming new album, scheduled for release this Summer 2013.
The Zak Perry Band on Twitter
Zak’s favorites are Ray Charles, Led Zepplin, Gov’t Mule, Yes, The Allman Bros, The Band, Steve Earle, and Willie Nelson.
Across the Stage LIVE Presents Zak Perry Youtube Video Concert

“Zak Perry shows a little wear and tear from the hard knocks of the music business, but when it comes to playing rock & roll, he’s all smiles. Having been through a few record deals, and even more cities, Perry, reserves the right to be a little jaded yet he remains unassuming and down to earth. Zak Perry has lead a rock & roll storybook life, full of bumps and grinds that have taken him to New York, Memphis, Atlanta, Austin, and, recently, to Galveston. Writing songs since the age of 14, one of Perry’s first was titled, “Jesus Is Calling”. ” – Zach Tate, The Parrot (Jul 07, 2010)
—  Zach Tate, The Parrot Magazine

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Zak Perry Band ReverbNation

Zak Perry, Vern Vennard, Jason Charron, Scott “Sting” Ray

        This life I’m living, is surely killing me… -Zak Perry

-a lyric from his song “I’ve Been Drunk on Sunday Morning” on his Somewhere in the Morning Album available in iTunes.
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Zak Perry on cdbaby

~ The Zak Perry Band UpComing New CD “MARROW” ~
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Dogwood – The Zak Perry Band

Somewhere In the Morning – The Zak Perry Band

As Live As It Gets – The Zak Perry Band

Seven Years – Zak Perry


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