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Jana Pochop began her vastly diverse career as an independent singer-songwriter when, as a child, she asked for a drum kit and her parents got her a guitar instead. She discovered Mary Chapin Carpenter at the age of 11 and found a beautiful purpose for that guitar. Her instinct for deep grooves and poignant lyrics are obvious on her most recent musical offering, Throats Are Quarries. Produced by Daniel Barrett (porterdavis, Rubicon Studio), Jana combines her gifts; lyrics that are as fearless as they are vulnerable, as skeptical as they are hopeful – woven into beautiful and fully fleshed arrangements.
“My fist is small and mighty, same substance as my heart.
One tries to open kindly, one always keeps its guard”
– From “Throw You Forward”
Throats Are Quarries completes a trilogy of EPs crafted by Jana and Dan, and affirms that she’s got one foot firmly planted in the grassy-rootsy folk genre while the other stomps around the pop world like a boss.
Jana Pochop (the ‘h’ is still silent) hails from the culturally rich Albuquerque, NM, where she earned a degree in History from the University of New Mexico. She says it was at the University where she learned how to learn…a skill that she uses constantly while maneuvering the ever-changing music business. She honed her performance chops at open mics and opening slots, and in 2006, moved to Austin to close the gap in her pursuit of a career in music.
She has allied with many of the central Texas music makers like Terri Hendrix, Susan Gibson, Elizabeth Wills, Michael O’Connor and Drew Kennedy. She has gotten a lot of ‘in the field’ experience by traveling with Gibson as booking agent / tour manager / documentarian / opening act and merch girl.
Jana knows first hand that all independent singer songwriters must be part entertainer, part entrepreneur. Besides the musical mark Jana is making, she has carved another niche by helping other musicians reach their goals. Her mantra is “community and content” and she started her own consulting business, Social Thinkery. While wearing her Thinkery cap, she helps musicians and other small business improve their web presence and engage their community. But she’s not only the president and CEO of Social Thinkery, she’s also a client! In 2013 she overfunded her Kickstarter campaign by 30%, truly a testament to the fact that Jana’s fans will put their money where her mouth is. Throats are Quarries is the latest, shiniest diamond to come from Jana Pochop.
Throats Are Quarries features Daniel Barrett on lots of instruments, Mark Hallman on drums (Carole King, Eliza Gilkyson), Eric Holden on bass (Shakira, Five For Fighting), and Susan Gibson on background vocals.
(Bio written by Susan Gibson)
The Early Year (2008)
For & Against (2010)
Throats Are Quarries (2014)
“Jana Pochop has always been one of my all time favorite songwriters. This EP (Throats Are Quarries) just made her one of my favorite artists. It’s incredible and brilliant.” –Elizabeth Willis
“Rare is the recording that captures an artist reaching the top of her game both lyrically and musically at the same time, but that’s what Jana has on her hands here. Her words cut to the heart of inspiration as easily as an inked needle pierces the skin– the former leaving the same indelible mark as the latter. Quite simply, Throats Are Quarries is a brilliant work of art.” – http://www.drewkennedymusic.com/
“Her last name is as original and unique as she is…the real deal.” – http://www.terrihendrix.com/

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