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Hello my music loving family & friends…

I would like to take this opportunity to tell to thank Zak Perry for allowing me to be part of this Annual Event & to the thank The Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe for allowing us to hold the event at their legendary listening venue once again this year. Also I am much obliged to each of the awesome Singers, Songwriters & performers: Zak Perry, Jason Charron, Scott Ray (Stingray), Vern Vennard, Rex Bell, Janet Bell, Marina Rocks, Kevin Anthony, Amber Anthony, Dwight Wolf, Lee Brooks, Catherine Stroud, Tex Renner, J Scott Rivera, Patrick Mikulin, Jeremy W. Warren & his 7 year old son, Rider Warren who sang his song about his sister about to be born & as a first time performance on stage.

>>>~~~> Zak Perry Annual Marine Toys for Tots Events <~~~<<<

Marina Rocks
Kevin Anthony
Zak Perry
Patrick Mikulin
Lee Brooks
Wrecks Bell
Janet Bell
Catherine Stroud
Tex Renner
J. Scott Rivera
The Zak Perry Band ~ Zak Perry ~ Jason Charron ~ Scott Ray ~ Vern Vennard

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